Vacation, times two

Hubs left for vacation last night with a group of friends.

When Steve leaves, I go on vacation too. I live by the seat of my pants and do whatever I feel like doing!

Steve is with a group of adults that are participating in the Minnesota Agricultural Leadership (MARL) program. It’s the grand finale of his enrollment. As of minutes ago, a Katie, another participant, kindly posted on facebook that they have arrived in Zaghreb, Croatia. (I know Steve is horrible at updates, so I don’t expect any from him. Thankfully, there are plenty of women in the group that will keep people updated.)

Although, I wish I could speak with Steve at this very moment to hear about what the country is like.

I know there will be posts on the MARL facebook page as to what the group is up to, but I wanted to let Steve know that things are well here at home with some blog posts.

Wait! What! a message just popped up from Steve saying, “I am here!”

I immediately called him through facebook video. I hate to admit it, but I teared up a bit. Little pools of water were forming in the corners of both my eyes.

I miss him. already and it’s only been 18 hours!

He showed me the weather in Zaghreb and it was icky, rainy, cloudy. FYI: The weather is not nice in Croatia at this time of year – cold, rainy, windy.

I shared conversation with several other class participants and laughed a bit and gave a “Thumb’s Up” to Christian Lillienthal for packing only a backpack for 12 days of travel! That is how I travel too. Only a carry on!

I hope Steve truly enjoys himself. I hope he doesn’t think of the farm too often. I would like for him to not think of the farm at all, but that is impossible. Zack, our herdsman, and I have it under control. Well, Zack mostly has it under control.

Live large today dear Stevie! Step outside of your comfort zone just a little bit each day!

Love you and miss you!