Shoes can be confusing

So, I find myself staring down at the new pair of sandals I purchased for our mini-vacation we had last week.

Yes, I have them on my feet. They are not the ever-so-popular flip-flops, or “thongs” like we used to call them when I was but a child, which now means a bit of string stuck between your butt cheeks.  I mean, why wear underwear at all when you have to chisel that threat between two sides of muscle mass? (P.S. we call all see when you are wearing a thong with your favorite pair of black yoga pants or Lula Roe leggings – your ass jiggles something fierce. Some people likes jiggly asses; I find it disturbing.)

But alas, again I have digresses from my original thoughts.

My shoes.

I find myself wearing a pair of shoes that are much older appearing then my inner soul is telling me.

According to my soul, I should be wearing sparkly flats with a bit of Twinkle Toes built in!

Man I wish Twinkle Toes came in a women’s size 11!

These shoes even tell my soul that I should veering toward wearing shoes that no longer have laces.

Yes, the shoes are tightened around my feet by Velcro, invented in 1948 by Swiss engineer and mountaineer George de Mestral.

I know, I know.

There will come a time when I will think of Velcro as “The World’s Greatest Invention.”

I mean, it could hold me shirts together, my pants and yes, my shoes.

I just didn’t think it would come so soon.

Who knows, down the road…Velcro may hold thongs in place?

Today, I shall appreciate that I turned 49 this past week, and go shopping for shoes!sandals