From my entire heart…

So, I wasn’t going post a usual hugs-n-kisses “Happy Thanksgiving”short essay, but as I lie here, stuck in bed for the third day in a row, because of a stupid pinched nerve, one particular Thanksgiving popped into my mind and I had to share with everyone.

It was 24 or 25 years ago. I couldn’t attend family gatherings because I was also in a bed at the New Ulm Medical Center In-patient facility. Let me tell you, “It sucked.”

I am so humbled to say I have been sober ever since!

Wow! (I don’t keep track of the exact number of years my yesrs of sobriety because I dont focus on that. Only today matters.)

My life HAS been so blessed. I have a husband that stood by while I was in treatment, even though we had no long-term commitment to each other at that point in time. I have two absolutely amazing sons that I DO want to shout from the mountain tops just how proud I am of them.

I whole-heartedly believe my past, and honesty about it, has helped me be a great mother. I’m not ashamed to say, “I done good!” (Grammatical error intended.) (Of course Steve has helped too and our parenting styles vary greatly, but we manageto work together for what’s right for our completely different sons.)

So I guess I have ended up with a sappy, Happy Thanksgiving post.

I will be forever grateful to each and every friend and family member that has had my back through it all.

Thank you from not just the bottom of my heart, but it’s entirety. Did you know your heart is approximately the size of your fist? Well, I do and just so you know, I have large hands!

P.S. As I typed this I could here Steve telling.the dogs he was grateful for them! Lol.