Everyone has breakdowns

Although this type of breakdown pales in comparison to my mental break down, I wanted to share.

I’m sure the operator of this sweet-corn picker is just as frustrated as you or I would be. According to farmer-husband Steve, this is┬áprobably the first field of this delicious crop to be picked. It really is delish; I ate an ear out in the field.




Healing, vacation renews a person’s soul




Observing many gorgeous fields of wheat by Cliterall Lake in Northern Minnesota was a boost for my family. It has been years since we have seen amazingly green and growing crops in this area on our annual, week-long, lake-cabin vacation. Just days after our departure, violent weather passed through this area. I am sure the wheat isn’t looking so grand. If you have images, let me know. These images are from the corner of North Clitherall Lake Road and State Highway 78.


Considering it’s been eons since I last published any sort of story, I figured I better get back to business and fill y’all in with updates.

I am happy to report, that after almost two-full months of recuperating, I couldn’t be happier with the way my leg is healing. If you haven’t heard, I rolled our four-wheeler over onto my left leg, while raucously spinning cookies, donuts, whatever you want to call them.

My right leg, lower leg to be exact, was pinned between the four-wheeler and the amazingly hard gravel drive way. I suffered severe internal injuries, Actually, my leg suffered the injuries. Internal bleeding led to a massive, extremely painful lump that prevented my from walking. I spent one day in the hospital to keep an eye on the injury, in case I would suffer from compartmental syndrome, which prevents blood flow to a person’s extremities.

Upon conclusion that I was going to be OK, I was sent home with some strong, daze-fortifying pain killers. Can you say, “La-La Land?” I knew what was going on around me, but I really didn’t give a hoot about anything. Russell, our 19-year-old son loved it when I was flying high. He said, “I like it when your high, you are a bunch quieter.”

I quit taking them.

Quiet just isn’t my thing.

The wound on my leg, during the healing process, turned into in open wound, which allowed anyone who wanted to, to look at the inside of my leg. I just looked at all the ugly, gnarly photos of my leg and it’s amazing how far it has come.

The hole in my leg is just about completely sealed. I can no longer jab half the length of a Q-tip into the hold. The tip just barely goes into the hole for cleaning. I no longer have to where a huge bandage secured with vet wrap.

Anyone need lime-green and light-blue vet wrap?

I now cover it with a 2-inch piece of bandage and then cover it with a Band-Aid.

I am happy as a lark in summer. I don’t know, are larks happy in summer?

It also helps that we just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Clitherall Lake in Northern Minnesota. If swimming in a crystal clear lake and sitting in the sun isn’t good for you soul, I don’t know what else is?

Sure, I couldn’t swim for long periods. Heck, I wasn’t even supposed to go in the water, but this beautiful mermaid just couldn’t resist a short swim, a trek to the middle of the lake on a paddle board and a trip around the point in a canoe. Don’t tell anyone, I secretly did these activities while Steve, Joe and Russ were out fishing or golfing.

The good news, during our drive we drove past many wheat fields. In the 30-plus year that I have been traveling to this area, I have NEVER seen the wheat crop look so amazing. Sadly, two days after we left, severe weather passed through the area. I am sure there are quite a few wheat fields that have been lodged.

Combining in one direction is a pain in the behind.

After our vacation, it’s time to return home to the farm. The cows are still here and still need to be milked. The third cutting of hay has just been started. Baby calves are being born.

It couldn’t be more refreshing to get back to work after a nice, relaxing vacation.

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