Release the Cows!


I’m so tired I could drool.

Bob Singing

Singing the blues.


She looks good for 12-years-old.


Joe and his beloved Bob.


Cow 9475


Go Bossy Go!


And it’s 9475 by half a body length!




This is how my mother’s dog Maggie listens to me.


“OK, I’m listening. Where’s my treat?”


“You talkin to me?”

Sparkling clean!

Getting Kerry'd Away Voiceovers and Blog

1426770389966-1190329860The inspector that inspects our milk coop, (AMPI) stopped at our farm yesterday. He was checking on the places where AMPI purchases their milk, to make sure it’s amazing milk and that it is produced in a clean and friendly environment.

According to Steve, the inspector  said, “The milking parlor looks amazing!”

Who pressure washes the parlor?

This chick!

Who nags on  fellow employees to always do a super-dee-duper wash job after milking?

This chick!

In the end, it’s all worth it!

To have an inspector compliment us on a clean parlor, makes me give all of our employees a pat on the back.

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Joe turns 21!

Sometimes on a Sunday, after a morning of milking, we have a bit of free time to play!

This past Sunday, Jpe, Steve and I went down to the river. Joe and I found a “natural” swing.

It was a grand, beautiful and fun time!

I love him with my whole heart, body and soul.

He turns 21-years-old April 15.

I could have begged my higher power for the World’s Greatest Son, but I didn’t. At the time, I only asked for healthy.

OK, I may have made a request that he be tall, dark and handsome. Hey, two out of three isn’t bad. He’s a bit on the pearly-white side.

But, by golly, my Higher Power went over and above when he chose to give me Joey as my first born.

Joe has made my world a better place. 20150412_09293620150412_092640

He’s in college now, studying hard and regularly attending classes. He’s responsible like that. When I sent him off to college, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about him binge drinking or using drugs of any other nature.

Joe may be my child, but he has taught me so much.

First…be who you are. Joe has never, ever let anyone influence his choices in life. A lot of people may think Joe is a bit off, but they don’t know Joe, like his Momma knows him.

He has a killer sense of humor! I don’t know how many times I have been in the dumpers and Joe will say something that will have me laughing until I snort.

Joe watches what happens in the world around him and then makes choices on how to react. I certainly never taught him that trick. I am more of a reactive person. Once Joe makes up his mind he sticks to his guns.

My favorite story about Joe happened when he was but a lad of 6-years-old. At that point in his life, his allowed his little brother to sleep in the same bed. It was a large bed, and even with two peas in the pod it looked humongous.

Joey looked as his 4-year-old brother and said, “Russell, you are such a f@#* up.”

I chucked and asked him to repeat his sentiments.

“Russell’s a f@#* up,” he said.

I then explained that that is not a nice word. We don’t use that word in our house.

“I thought it was a nice word and it meant I loved him,” he said through tears. “So what does a-s-s spell?”

“Well, that spells ass, and we don’t use that word either,” I said.

Children learn the darndest things on the school bus.

So happy birthday to my oldest son.

You are an amazing soul. You make your dad and I so very proud of you. I wish every parent in the world had a son as great as you are.

You make me smile and my eyes well up with tears when I think of what you have done for me!

Hugs and kisses, all the way to Uranus and back!