Tainted milk happens

Even with rules regarding milking our cows, errors happen.

This morning an employee milked a treated cow into the pipeline – wait, she milked a treated cow and her milk went into the pipeline, not the cow.

It happens. I mean tainted milk happens, not cows going into the pipeline.


Oh, I should just start over!

We don’t get too upset when an employee accidentally allows tainted milk to get into the tank.


It still stinks that almost 9,300 pounds of milk will now be diverted to our waste water holding tank.

To put it into perspective the value 9,300 pounds of the milk is worth $2000. And that much less money into our coffers. And, according to popular belief we have huge coffers! Yes, I am going to go with that.

But you can’t change reality. Oh, if only a person could.


Laws forbid us from shipping that milk. I am not 100 percent sure if it’s federal law or state law. I just know the law is there to protect consumers. Did you know that they dairy industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the nation? We always have Big Brother breathing down our backs. It’s a fact of life. If you follow the rules, Big Brother is more like an ova before it meets a sperm. No big deal.
If we were to allow that milk to be picked up by the milk hauler and taken to the milk plant in New Ulm, our coffers would be entirely empty. Steve and I would have to purchase the entire tank of milk – about $10,000.


Ouch. I honestly don’t have that amount of money in my billfold or bank. I mean, not only do I have dust bunnies in the corners of my house, my billfold has dust jack-a-lopes.


Jack-a lopes with fangs.
We do make it a point to reassure our employees, when this happens, they do the proper thing by notifying us of their mistake as soon as they realize what happened.


It saves us from shipping the milk. It allows us to test the milk after the very next milking too, so we can be assured that no tainted milk will leave the farm. Calling us is the most responsible, and one of the most difficult, things an employee can do.
Why would we want to punish them?