Look out London

So we made it to London.

But not without some much un-needed drama at the customs station in the Paris train station.

The last time we went through customers in Great Britian it was just as ugly.  Some dude getting his jollies off ripping Steve and I up one side and down the other – twice.

This morning, at 6 a.m. no less, Emily and I were given the third degree – twice.

First we walked into the customs area. Emily stepped forward before she heard me say, “Don’t go to him, he looks grumpy.” 

As I stood in line I noticed a friendly-looking woman at another window, so I went over to her.

All of sudden I hear Emily calling my name. I smile and wave my hands and walk over to this dude that was spitting invisible fire.

Apparently, he was grilling Emily as to why I went to the other agent. All she could do was say, “I don’t know why.”

Well, I guess I was supposed to stay by her because she’s a minor. I didn’t know.

So, he’s ripping me a new one about how I should have this letter and it’s possible that he may not let us go on to London…blah, blah, blah. 

I tried answering his questions and he wouldn’t listen.

Meanwhile, the nice male agent to the right was poking fun of the one berating me by shaking his finger at me in the naughty gesture – while I was being told that my attitude sucked!

Eventually, a person stepped into the enclosed security area, turned off the mic and proceeded to talk to both of the agents. 

I was so mad at the dude by this point, I was tearing  up. 

I was imaging the supervisors telling bad ass to be nice. I was also imagining a customs agent without security glass and my two fingers poking into his eyes. 

Eventually we made it through customs. We arrived in London and walked all over the area near Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. I am bushed.

Seriously, all this for those!

Yesterday we spent time running around Paris, but that wasn’t the funniest part of our day.

because Emily and I packed lightly to avoid checking a bag, yesterday was laundry day.

Hand washing in our room.

Emily washed her unmentionables in the bathroom and then hung them on the rail spanning the wonderful window above the tub. Actually, she hung them on the side if the tub. When I went in to take my bath, I didn’t want her underwear near my head, so I am the one that hung them on the steel rail.

While we were out enjoying the midnight river cruise, the wind was playing hanky panky with Emily’s underwear.

He blew the yellow undies out the window and into the rain gutter, conveniently located outside our window. The problem was this-the rain gutter is six-stories high and about five-feet down from the window. It’s at an angle, so I felt I could have “stepped out” to retrieve them. I just wasn’t in the mood to fall six stories!

Today, while in the line for a visit to The Catacombs, Emily had an upset stomach. We returned to our room, sans any stolen bones from The Catacombs, to find the maid cleaning in our room.

She had a mop!image image

We used the mop handle to retrieve the favorite-pair of underwear.

Which are now dirtier than before Emily washed them, and laundry day ain’t for a long time.

(I know ain’t isn’t a word, but it’s so appropriate here.)

Wonderful stuff today

imageEmily and I had the great opportunity to visit the Palace of Versailles.

What a magnificent day it was. All I can say is gorgeous!

in 1661, Loius XVI started transforming the original palace built by Loius XIII. Talk about elaborate! Every single room had marble covering almost every inch of wall. I’m not talking about plain, monochromatic white marble either. Some rooms had emerald green marble. There were rooms adorned with pink, some purple, some mauve!

i have decided to redo my room in a similar design to what Marie Antionette’s. OK, maybe not. There was just too much crap to dust.

King Louis’ room was so elaborate in the color red;it was gaudy.

The Gardens at Versailles were amazing. I wish I could put all my photos on here! Lakes, ponds, fountains, statues, real swans, birds, etc. Part of our group found some cows. Of course, I didn’t see them. Did see some freshly shorn sheep though.

for now, I must go. It’s 11:30. p.m. and I have to get up at 7.

more tomorrow.

It’s been an amazing trip

It really has been a great trip.

I am sitting at a little table in the hotel “lobby.”

It’s really cozy.

Walking the expansive hallways in the Louvre is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Looking at how various artists use brush stokes and light. I know I sound corny, but until a person stands up close and personal to these paintings, you don’t know how talented these people were.

One of my personal goals was too be up close and personal with the Arc de Triomphe. We did that! This structure was built as a way for victorious troops to leave or enter the city. Each and every day a ceremony takes place to honor those that have served this country.

Did you know you can climb up many unforgiving steps to look at Paris from the heavens. It is magnificent!

Speaking of steps, I think we climbed so many we could have actually been in the clouds. At one point, I told the group to “Power through.”

Both Emily, my niece, and I are history junkies. Learning about the churches and palaces has been so interesting.

They need those churches because a ton of French people have absolutely zippo for a sense of humor.

For instance, I found a black apron with two boobs hanging on a rack. I put it on and waited for our group members to look. The owner of the sidewalk shop came storming over and practcally ripped my head off trying to get me to take the apron off. He cussed, in French, at me – a lot!

Another crabby soul spit venom at me when I wasn’t prepared for the subway train to start off on its warp-speed mission. I stomped on her foot. I think she was cussing at me in French as well, but using all new words.

Accidents are not forgiven here.

That’s why there are lots of places for confessions.

I have to run for now. Emily is in bed yet – it’s 8:30 in the morning and we will be leaving for Versailles soon.

Enjoy your day in the fabulous USA.

This is why I don’t get asked to chaperone. ;)

This is why I don't get asked to chaperone. ;)

Emily drank one 187 ml bottle of Chardonnay and was feeling no pain! For those of you that don’t know how much 187 ml is, it’s about 3/4 cup. I made her stand on one foot and count to 30-she lasted until 10. Then I deemed her sober enough to walk to a local cafe where we had grilled cheese and authentic “French fries.” We shared a few pieces of chocolate with the adorable waiters. (Sorry Sabrina, they were meant for you, but it was much more fun to share with a few. Studs!) and… OMG It’s 10 p.m. And the freakin sun is still out, barely setting, but it’s out. It was an amazing day for us!

Breakfast at Hotel Corail

Breakfast at Hotel Corail

She looks exhausted. It just happened to be about 7:45 a.m. We walked and walked today. Spent 3 hours in The Louvre. Then we ventured l’orangie where we observed Picasso, Renoir, degas and Monet. Monet’s water color painting Water Lilies is amazing! We also climbed the Arc de Triomphe – and turned our legs into Silly Putty. Great photos from the top!

It’s Thursday here.

It's Thursday here.

I didn’t write last night because I was more tired than a cat that only had 4 hours of sleep.
Today we are venturing to a few museums. My outfit roars TOURIST but I’m going with it. So tonight, I will have something to share.