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Getting Kerry’d Away Voiceovers

Voiceover work! Who knew dabbling in improvisational theatre and radio hosting, I would find my next niche.

After nearly a year of training, I created demos to show my talent! Now, I know how to create what you need!  My voice is authentic, warm and understandable.  If you want my upbeat voice, you got it. Want a voice that is relaxing and smooth, I can do that too.  I can be informative and educational. I know what it takes to make your project memorable! I take directions in stride and know that your customers are the most important people! My motto is, “I say it the way YOU want to say it!” I have been involved in media for as long as I can remember. Radio announcing, journalism and freelance writing have all led me to where I am at this moment. I have the ability to take direction and get things done! I specialize in commercials and narrations and e-learning. I live on a dairy farm and appreciate any opportunity to do voice-over work for agricultural industries. I am  passionate about driving Jeeps and like to dabble in photography.

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