A person knows when he or she hosts an even and you sit back and realize it was a bit disappointing because you didn’t get to talk to everyone that was in attendance. Such was the case last night. Steve, Joey, Russell and I hosted Family Night on the Dairy Farm from 5 p,m, to… More SUCCESS!

Our soybean seed comes in bulk. Stevie should be home soon and he’ll take this wagon out to the field where the planter is.

Release the Cows!

I’m so tired I could drool. Singing the blues. She looks good for 12-years-old. Joe and his beloved Bob. Cow 9475 Go Bossy Go! And it’s 9475 by half a body length! Stalker! This is how my mother’s dog Maggie listens to me. “OK, I’m listening. Where’s my treat?” “You talkin to me?”

Sparkling clean!

Originally posted on Getting Kerry'd Away:
The inspector that inspects our milk coop, (AMPI) stopped at our farm yesterday. He was checking on the places where AMPI purchases their milk, to make sure it’s amazing milk and that it is produced in a clean and friendly environment. According to Steve, the inspector  said, “The…